What products can you source that your competitiors cant?

How will you get the jump on an amazing deal before.they do? How will you access deals all the time? 

These are the challenges that we solve for clients. Buylink find the best prices of fruits and vegetables and passes them onto our clients so they make money, SIMPLE. But just in case you needed more, here are 5 reasons why YOU should work with us:  


1. We work with the Best 

We are the ONLY produce buying Group, with a diverse, customer base. We act on behalf of multiple customer segments; Independents, supermarkets, franchises. Our supply partners are NZs ‘BIG 2’ leading wholesale produce markets.


2. We deliver Best results 

Buylinks, Auckland region, has outperformed all other regions in both sales and increases..


3. We have a proven record of success

Over the past 5 years, Buylink has consistent triple digit growth in buying from the wholesale produce markets.


4. Our reputation 

We have happy clients who will not only back up every one of our claims, but they’ll also explain why Working with Buylink is easy and fun. Check out the link Allan Kimiangatau


5. Our evolution 

Buylink has evolved from a single-dimensional ‘Produce buyer’ to a ‘multi-skilled’ One-stop ‘Retail Solutions Company’ Today, our service encompasses all areas from procurement through to improved end-consumer sales, and everything in between