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Our HOT, NOT, WHAT page keeps you up to date on what is HOT (Short supply, price up) NOT another FIFS Deal (Sale) & WHAT Product is NEW to the market-place)

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  • oranges pp Sale

    Orange (nz) 1.5kg p/p fifs

  • capsicum red Sale

    Capsicum Red fifs

  • capsicum yellow Sale

    Capsicum Yellow fifs

  • capsicum green Sale

    Capsicum Green fifs

  • Round Beans Sale

    Bean Round fifs

  • avocado 80 count Sale

    Avocado 80ct fifs

  • broccoli Sale

    Broccoli trimmed fifs

  • avocado 120 count Sale

    Avocado 30ct p/p fifs

  • berry big blue New

    Berry BIG Blue (eureka)

  • courgette Sale

    Courgette (aust) fifs

  • cucumber telegraph 12' Sale

    Cucumber Telegraph 12'

  • kumara red Sale

    Kumara Red prem fifs

  • oranges Sale

    Orange (nz) lge fifs

  • melon rock Sale

    Melon Rock (aust) 11ct fifs

  • mandarin aufourer Sale

    Mandarin (aust) Au Fourer fifs

  • lemon pp Sale

    Lemon 1kg p/p fifs

  • kiwifruit gold large Sale

    Kiwifruit Gold Lge fifs

  • Banana (various) ripe fifs Sale

    Banana (various) ripe fifs

  • Mroom (white) 250g p/p Sale

    Mroom (white) 250g p/p fifs

  • kumara orange Sale

    Kumara Orange prem fifs

  • berry straw Sale

    Berry (aust) Straw fifs

21 Item(s)

per page