Vegetable (fpz)

Vegetable (fpz)

NOTE: When ordering, please make sure your organic is separate from your conventional order. NO mixie, mixie. And as we all know, organics always take that little bit longer, so orders need to be received by 8am latest for next day delivery (uplift from markets). Enjoy. (fifs pay zone)

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  • Salad mix (org) p/p cer

  • Italian Parsley (org) p/p (cer)

  • Silverbeet (org) 400g pp (cer)

  • Spinach (org) 250g pp (cer)

  • Pumpkin cut (org) cer

  • Pot (red) 1.5kg (org) p/p

  • Pot TE (agria) 1.5kg (org) p/p cer

  • Onion Red (org) 750g p/p (cer)

  • Onion Brown (org) 1kg p/p (cer)

  • Kale (org) 200g p/p (cer)

  • Garlic (org) 180g p/p (cer)

  • Carrot (org) TE 1kg p/p

  • Coriander (org) 50g p/p (cer)

13 Item(s)

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